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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Selecting trailer ball

Use the correct trailer ball for your application.

  1. Trailer ball load rating matches or exceeds the gross trailer weight rating of the trailer.
  2. Ball diameter
    matches the size of the trailer coupler.

    Most couplers are stamped with the required trailer ball size.

Toyota Highlander. Selecting trailer ball

Toyota Highlander. Selecting trailer ball

  1. Shank length
    protrudes beyond the bottom of the lock washer and nut by at least 2 threads.
  2. Shank diameter
    matches the ball mount hole diameter size.

Position for towing hitch ball

  1. Weight carrying ball position: 49.73 In. (1263.1 Mm)

Toyota Highlander. Position for towing hitch ball

Connecting trailer lights

Use the wire harness stored in the rear end under body.

Toyota Highlander. Connecting trailer lights

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Trailer towing tips
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