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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Diagnostic trouble code chart

Use Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) (from the DTC checks) in the table below to determine the trouble area and proper inspection procedure. The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) diagnostic trouble code chart is shown below as an example.

Diagnostic trouble code chart

Symptom simulation
HINT: The most difficult case in troubleshooting is when no problem symptoms occur. In such cases, a thorough customer problem analysis must be carried out. A simulation of the same or similar c ...

Problem symptoms table
The suspected circuits or parts for each problem symptom are shown in the table below. Use this table to troubleshoot when, during a DTC check, a "Normal" code is displayed but the problem is sti ...

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1. INSPECT DOOR CONTROL TRANSMITTER (a) Check operation of the registration of recognition code (See page 73-1 1). (b) Inspect operation of the transmitter.  Using a screwdriver, remove the cover.  Remove the battery (lithium battery).  Install a new or normal battery (lith ...

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