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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: How to troubleshoot ecu controlled systems

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Introduction / How to troubleshoot ecu controlled systems

Vehicle lift and support locations
1. NOTICE ABOUT VEHICLE CONDITION WHEN JACKING UP THE VEHICLE  The vehicle must be unloaded before jacking up the vehicle. Never jack up/lift up a heavily loaded vehicle.  When remo ...

General information
A large number of ECU controlled systems are used in the HIGHLANDER. In general, ECU controlled systems are considered to be very intricate, requiring a high level of technical knowledge to troub ...

More about Toyota Highlander:

1. REMOVE V BELT (See page 14-5 ) 2. REMOVE GENERATOR ASSY (a) Remove the bolt, and disconnect the wire clip on the wire connectors from the generator. (b) Disconnect the wire clamp from the wire clip. (c) Remove the cap and nut, and disconnect the generator wire. (d) Disconnect the gener ...

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