Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Console box

To open the console box lids, press on the knob and slide both lids.

Toyota Highlander. Console box

Tray in the console box

The tray slides forward/backward and can be removed.

Toyota Highlander. Tray in the console box

Glove box
Unlock with the master key (vehicles without a smart key system) or mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system) lock with the master key (vehicles without a smart key system) or m ...

Bottle holders
Front Rear When using the bottle holder When storing a bottle, close the cap. The bottle may not be stored depending on its size or shape. Warning Do not place anything ot ...

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Light bulbs
You may replace the following bulbs by yourself. The difficulty level of replacement varies depending on the bulb. If necessary bulb replacement seems difficult to perform, contact your toyota dealer. For more information about replacing other light bulbs, contact your toyota dealer. Prepari ...

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