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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Air conditioning controls

Toyota Highlander. Air conditioning controls

Adjusting the temperature setting

To adjust the temperature setting, press ""
on to increase
the temperature and "" to decrease
the temperature.

Fan speed setting

To adjust the fan speed, press ""
on to increase the fan
speed and "" to decrease the fan

Press to turn the fan off.

Changing airflow modes

To change the airflow mode, press .

The air outlets used are switched each time the button is pressed.

  1. Air flows to the upper body.
  2. Air flows to the upper body and feet.
  3. Air flows to the feet.

Toyota Highlander. Changing airflow modes

Rear automatic air conditioning system
Air outlets and fan speed are automatically adjusted according to the temperature setting. ...

Using automatic mode
Press . Adjust the temperature setting. To stop the operation, press . Automatic mode indicator If the fan speed setting or air flow modes are operated, the automatic mode indicator goes ...

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