Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Adjustment procedure

Second seats

Toyota Highlander. Second seats

Toyota Highlander. Second seats

  1. Seat position adjustment lever
  2. seatback angle adjustment lever

Pull the lever until the lock is completely released.

Third seats

Seatback angle adjustment strap

Toyota Highlander. Third seats

Rear seats

Moving a second seat for third seat access
Getting in the vehicle Pull the lever and tilt the seatback forward. Move the seat to the front-most position. Getting out of the vehicle Pull the lever on the side of the seatback and ti ...

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Settings display
Changing the settings Select using the meter control switches. Select an item and then set it with the center button. Customizable items Language select to change the language on the display.  Units select to change the unit of measure for fuel consumption.  Mainte ...

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