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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual / Operation of each component / Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

Head restraints
Head restraints are provided for all seats. Front seats and second seats (with a side table) Up pull the head restraints up. Down push the head restraint down while pressing the lock rele ...

Steering wheel
Adjustment procedure Hold the steering wheel and push the lever down. Adjust to the ideal position by moving the steering wheel horizontally and vertically. After adjustment, pul ...

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Horn system
LOCATION INSPECTION 1. INSPECT RELAY (HORN) (a) Remove the HORN relay from the engine room J/B. (b) Measure the HORN relay resistance. Standard: 2. INSPECT HIGH PITCHED HORN ASSY (a) Check operation of the horn. Standard: If the result is not as specified, replace the horn ...

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