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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Summary of function

While driving on a road that has lane markers, this system recognizes the lane markers using a camera as a sensor to alert the driver when the vehicle deviates from its lane.

If the system judges that the vehicle has deviated from its lane, it alerts the driver using a buzzer and indications on the multi-information display.

Camera sensor

Toyota Highlander. Camera sensor

Lda (lane departure alert)

Turning the lda system on
Vehicles with monochrome display Vehicles with color display Press the lda switch to activate the system. The lda indicator and lane lines will come on. Press the switch agai ...

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Voice settings
This screen is used for guidance for voice command systems setting. Adjust the voice guidance volume setting. Set the voice recognition prompts high, low or off. Set the train voice recognition. Set the voice prompt interrupt on/off. Voice recognition tutorial To retu ...

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