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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Seat belt warning system

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Seat belt / Seat belt warning system





Suspected Area

Driver side seat belt warning lamp does not flash
  1. IG1 fuse
  2.  AM1 M-fuse
  3.  RAD NO. 2 fuse
  4.  Combination meter
  5.  Front seat inner belt assy LH
  6.  Airbag sensor assy
  7.  Wire harness
Passenger side seat belt warning lamp does not flash
  1. IG1 fuse
  2.  AM1 M-fuse
  3.  RAD NO. 2 fuse
  4.  A/C control assy
  5.  Front seat inner belt assy RH
  6.  Occupant classification sensor
  7.  Occupant classification ECU
  8.  Wire harness

NOTICE: The front seat inner belt RH and LH cannot be inspected. When the front seat inner belt seems to be malfunctioning, use the hand-held tester to check for DTCs.

HINT: The seat belt warning system is part of the large-scale multiplex communication system. This system features shared communication wiring that reduces the wiring complexity of the communication lines. The first step in any repair is to confirm the proper operation of the communication system. Proceed with troubleshooting after the communication has been verified (see multiplex communication system).

Seat belt

Front seat belt

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