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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Replacement



(a) Make sure that the vehicle fulfills the following conditions.

  1.  No key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
  2.  The driver side door is opened (The other doors are closed).
  3.  The driver side door is unlocked.

(b) Select a mode.

  1.  Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder, then pull it out (Perform this operation once again within 5 seconds).
  2.  Close and open the driver side door twice.
  3.  Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder, then pull it out.
  4. Close and open the driver side door twice.
  5. Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder, then close the door.
  6.  To select a mode, turn the ignition switch from ON to LOCK at approximately 1 second intervals according to the number of times shown below. Then remove the key from the ignition key cylinder.



  1. Within 3 seconds after a mode has been selected, the MPX ECU automatically performs LOCKUNLOCK operation to inform the operator which mode has been selected.



HINT: When the prohibition mode or the confirmation mode is selected, the registration mode ends.

(c) Register the transmitter.

  1. Within 40 seconds after the add mode or the rewrite mode has been selected, simultaneously press the LOCK and UNLOCK switches for 1.0 to 1.5 seconds. Then press either one of the switches for more than 1.0 second.

NOTICE: Press and hold both switches for 1 second or more during each press. However, the time between the 1st press and the 2nd press must be under 3 seconds.

  1.  LOCK-UNLOCK operation is automatically performed once within 3 seconds after above operation (step 1), when the recognition code of the transmitter has been registered correctly. If the LOCK-UNLOCK operation is performed twice, the registration of the recognition code has failed.

    In this case, register the recognition code from the beginning of the registration procedures once again.


  1. In order to continue in registration mode, start the next registration within 40 seconds after the previous one.

HINT: The maximum number of the recognition codes that can be registered is 4.

(d) If even one of the following conditions is satisfied, the registration mode will end.

  1.  40 seconds have elapsed under the condition that the registration mode is ready.
  2.  The driver side door is opened.
  3.  The key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
  4.  4 recognition codes are registered at once.
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