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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Rear shock absorber with coil spring

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Rear suspension / Rear shock absorber with coil spring

Rear wheel alignment
ADJUSTMENT 1. INSPECT TIRE (SEE PAGE 28-1 ) 2. MEASURE VEHICLE HEIGHT (SEE PAGE 26-7 ) NOTICE: Before inspecting wheel alignment, adjust the vehicle height to the specified value. 3. INSPECT TO ...

HINT: COMPONENTS: See page 27-2 . 1. REMOVE DECK SIDE TRIM COVER LH 2. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 3. SEPARATE REAR STABILIZER LINK ASSY LH (a) Support the rear axle carrier with a jack. (b) Remov ...

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Summary of functions
Dynamic radar cruise control supplements conventional cruise control with a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control. In vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode, the vehicle automatically accelerates or decelerates in order to maintain a set following distance from vehicles ahead. Vehicle-to-vehi ...

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