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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Problem symptoms table

Use the table below to help you find the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the likely cause of the problem. Check each part in the order shown. If necessary, repair or replace these parts.


Suspect Area

Hard steering
  1. Tires (Improperly inflated)
  2.  Power steering fluid level (Low)
  3.  Drive belt (Loose)
  4.  Front wheel alignment (Incorrect)
  5.  Steering system joints (Worn)
  6.  Suspension arm ball joints (Worn)
  7.  Steering column (Binding)
  8.  Power steering vane pump
  9.  Power steering link assy
Poor return
  1. Tires (Improperly inflated)
  2.  Front wheel alignment (Incorrect)
  3.  Steering column (Binding)
  4.  Power steering link assy
Excessive play
  1. Steering system joints (Worn)
  2.  Suspension arm ball joints (Worn)
  3.  Intermediate shaft, Sliding yoke (Worn)
  4.  Front wheel bearing (Worn)
  5.  Power steering link assy
Abnormal noise
  1. Power steering fluid level (Low)
  2.  Steering system joints (Worn)
  3.  Power steering vane pump
  4.  Power steering link assy
1. HANDLING PRECAUTIONS FOR STEERING SYSTEM (a) Care must be taken when replacing parts. Incorrect replacement may affect the performance of the steering system and result in a driving hazard. 2. ...

On-vehicle inspection
1. CHECK STEERING WHEEL FREEPLAY (a) Stop the vehicle and align the tires straight ahead. (b) Turn the steering wheel gently right and left, and check the steering wheel free play. Maximum fre ...

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1. REMOVE DRAIN PLUG (a) Remove the drain plug. (b) Remove the O-ring. 2. ASSEMBLE SST SST 09230-01010 (a) Install the claw to the overhaul handle, inserting it in the hole in part A as shown in the illustration. (b) While gripping the handle, adjust the stopper bolt so that dimension B ...

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