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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Power outlets

The power outlet can be used for the following components:

12 v: accessories that run on less than 10 a 120 vac: accessories that use less than 100 w

12 V

Open the lid.

Toyota Highlander. Power outlets

Open the console box lid (→p.

447) And open the lid.

Toyota Highlander. Power outlets

Open the lid.

Toyota Highlander. Power outlets

The power outlets can be used when

Vehicles without a smart key system: the engine switch is in the "acc" or "on" position.

Vehicles with a smart key system: the engine switch is in accessory or ignition on mode.

The engine switch is in ignition on mode


To avoid damaging the power outlets

Close the power outlet lids when the power outlets are not in use.

Foreign objects or liquids that enter the power outlets may cause a short circuit.

To prevent blown fuses

  • 12 V

Do not use an accessory that uses more than 12 v 10 a.

  •  120 vac

Do not use a 120 vac appliance that requires more than 100 w.

If a 120 vac appliance that consumes more than 100 w is used, the protection circuit will cut the power supply.

To prevent battery discharge

Do not use the power outlets longer than necessary when the engine is not running.

Appliances that may not operate properly (120 vac)

The following 120 vac appliances may not operate properly even if their power consumption is under 100 w:

  • appliances with high initial peak wattage
  • measuring devices that process precise data
  • other appliances that require an extremely stable power supply
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