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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Power back door switch (vehicles with a power back door)

Quickly press and release the switch to close the back door.

Pressing the switch while the back door is opening/closing stops the operation.

To operate the back door again, quickly press and release the switch. The back door will then move in the opposite direction. (If the back door is stopped at a position close to the fully closed position, the back door will only open when the switch is quickly pressed and released.)

Toyota Highlander. Power back door switch

Opening the back door from outside the vehicle
Back door opener Vehicles without a power back door Raise the back door while pressing up the back door opener switch. Vehicles with a power back door When the back door is unlock ...

When closing the back door
Lower the back door using either back door handle.  vehicles without a power back door Make sure to push the back door down from the outside to close it.  vehicles with a powe ...

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On-vehicle inspection
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