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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Pictorial index


Toyota Highlander. Exterior

  1. Doors
  1. Back door
  1. Glass hatch
  1. Outside rear view mirrors
  1. Windshield wipers
  1. Fuel filler door
  1. Tires
  1. Hood

Light bulbs of the exterior lights for driving (replacing method:, Watts:)

  1. Headlights/daytime running lights
  2. Front fog lights*
  3. Turn signal lights
  4. Stop/tail lights
  1. License plate lights
  2. Back-up lights
  1. Side marker lights

Instrument panel

Toyota Highlander. Instrument panel

  1. Engine switch
  1. Shift lever
  1. Meters
  1. Parking brake
  1. Turn signal lever
  1. Wiper and washer switch
  1. Emergency flasher switch
  2. Hood lock release lever
  3. Tilt and telescopic steering lock release lever
  1. Manual air conditioning system
  1. Audio system
  1. Clock
  2. Power back door main switch*1
  3. Fuel filler door opener switch.

*1: If equipped

*2: for entune audio plus, refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual.

*3: Refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual.


Toyota Highlander. Switches

  1. Automatic high beam switch*1
  2. Bsm (blind spot monitor) main switch*1
  3. Lda (lane departure alert) switch*1
  4. Power back door switch*1
  5. Windshield wiper de-icer switch*1
  6. Heated steering wheel switch*1
  7. Intuitive parking assist switch

Toyota Highlander. Switches

  1. Inside lock buttons
  2. Driving position memory switches*1
  3. Outside rear view mirror switch
  4. Door lock switches
  5. Power window switches
  6. Window lock switch
  7. Tire pressure warning reset switch
  8. Pcs off switch*1

*1: If equipped

*2: refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual.

Toyota Highlander. Switches

  1. Talk switch*1
  2. Audio remote control switches*1
  3. Disp switch.
  4. Cruise control switch
  1. Telephone switches*1
  2. Meter control switches
  3. Vehicle-to-vehicle distance button*2
  4. Cruise control switch
  1. Dynamic radar cruise control*2

Toyota Highlander. Pictorial index

  1. Vsc off switch
  2. Snow button
  3. Dac switch*2
  4. All-wheel drive lock switch*2
  5. Seat heater/ventilator switches*2
  6. Seat heater switches*2

*1: For vehicles with a navigation system or entune audio plus, refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual.

*2: If equipped


Toyota Highlander. Interior

  1. Srs airbags
  2. Floor mats
  3. Front seats
  4. Head restraints
  5. Seat belts
  6. Console box
  7. Cup holders
  8. Rear seats
  9. Rear manual air conditioning switches*1
  10. Rear automatic air conditioning switches*1
  11. Second seat heater switches*1
  12. Armrest
  13. Side table*1
  14. Rear seat entertainment system*1, 2

Toyota Highlander. Interior

*1: If equipped

*2: refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual.

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