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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Other functions

Switching between outside air and recirculated air modes

Press .

The mode switches between outside air mode (indicator off) and recirculated air mode (indicator on) each time
is pressed.

Defogging the windshield

Defoggers are used to defog the windshield and front side windows.

Press .

Set the outside/recirculated air mode button to outside air mode if the recirculated air mode is used. (It may switch automatically.) To defog the windshield and the side windows early, turn the air flow and temperature up.

To return to the previous mode, press again when the windshield
is defogged.

Defogging the rear window and outside rear view mirrors

A defogger is used to defog the rear window.

Press .

The defogger will automatically turn off after a period of time.

Defoggers are used to defog the rear window, and to remove raindrops, dew and frost from the outside rear view mirrors.

Press .

The defoggers will automatically turn off after a period of time.

Windshield wiper de-icer (if equipped)

This feature is used to prevent ice from building up on the windshield and wiper blades.

Press the switch to turn the system on/off.

The indicator comes on when the windshield wiper de-icer is on.

The windshield de-icer will automatically turn off after a period of time.

Toyota Highlander. Windshield wiper de-icer

Using automatic mode
Press . Adjust the temperature setting. To stop the operation, press .  Automatic mode indicator If the fan speed setting or air flow modes are operated, the automatic mode indicator ...

Air outlets
Location of air outlets The air outlets and air volume change according to the selected airflow mode. Adjusting the position of and opening and closing the air outlets Front center outlets ...

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