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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Luggage compartment features

Cargo hooks

Raise the hooks to use.

Cargo hooks are provided for securing loose items.

Toyota Highlander. Cargo hooks

Grocery bag hooks

Toyota Highlander. Grocery bag hooks


Do not hang any object heavier than 6.6 Lb. (3 Kg) on the grocery bag hooks.

Auxiliary boxes

Center deck under tray

  1. Pull the strap upwards to open the center deck board.

Toyota Highlander. Center deck under tray

  1. To secure the center deck board, remove the hook on the backside of the center deck board and attach the hook to the head restraint on the third seats as shown.

Toyota Highlander. Center deck under tray

Deck side box

Pull the strap upwards to open the side deck board.

Toyota Highlander. Deck side box


Do not drive with any of the deck boards opened. Items may fall out and cause injury.

Open tray
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Using the other interior features

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