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Suspected Area

Driver's and passenger's seat heaters do not warm up
  1. SEAT HTR fuse
  2. IG1 fuse
  3. Seat heater relay
  4. Wire harness
Only driver's seat heater does not warm up
  1. Seat heater (front) switch LH
  2.  Front seat cushion Cover LH (seat cushion heater assy LH)
  3.  Front seatback cover LH (seatback heater assy LH)
  4.  Wire harness
Only passenger's seat heater does not warm up
  1. Seat heater (front) switch RH
  2.  Front seat cushion Cover RH (seat cushion heater assy RH)
  3.  Front seatback cover RH (seatback heater assy RH)
  4.  Wire harness
Seat heater system

1. INSPECT SEAT HEATER (FRONT) SWITCH LH (a) Check the resistance between the terminals when the switch is operated. Standard: If the result is not as specified, replace the seat heater sw ...

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