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Suspected Area

Rear window defogger does not operate (Indicator lamp On)
  1. Communication Function
  2.  RR DEF 30 A Fuse
  3.  Defogger Relay
  4.  Rear Window Defogger Wire
  5.  Wire Harness
  6.  A/C ECU
Rear window defogger does not operate (Indicator lamp OFF)
  1. Heater 15A Fuse
  2.  A/C Control Panel
  3.  Defogger Switch(A/C Panel Switch)
  4.  A/C ECU
  5.  Wire Harness
  6.  Gateway Computer
Defogger system

1. INSPECT DEFOGGER RELAY (a) Inspect the defogger relay (Marking: DEF) continuity If the continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. 2. INSPECT AIR CONDITONER CONTROL ASSY (SEE PAGE ...

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Problem symptoms table
Use the table below to help you find the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the likely cause of the problem. Check each part in the order shown. If necessary, repair or replace these parts. Symptom Suspect Area Hard steering Tires ...

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