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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Light bulbs

Toyota Highlander. Light bulbs

A: hb3 halogen bulbs B: h11 halogen bulbs C: wedge base bulbs (amber) D: wedge base bulbs (clear) E: h16 halogen bulbs F: double end bulbs

*: If equipped

Tires and wheels
Type a Type b Type c Type d Type e Type f When towing a trailer (245/55r19 103t tires) On rear tires, add 1 psi (10.0 Kpa, 0.1 Kgf/cm2 or b ...

Fuel information
You must only use unleaded gasoline in your vehicle. Select octane rating 87 (research octane number 91) or higher. Use of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating lower than 87 may result in en ...

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PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE Symptom Suspected Area All power seat functions do not operate POWER M-fuse Wire harness Only slide operation function does not operate Front power seat switch Slide motor Wire harness ...

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