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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Inner rear view mirror ASSY

1. INSPECT DEFOGGER RELAY (a) Inspect the defogger relay (Marking: DEF) continuity If the continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. 2. INSPECT AIR CONDITONER CONTROL ASSY (SEE PAGE ...

HINT: The installation procedures are the removal procedures in reverse order. EC mirror stands for electrochromic mirror. 1. w/o EC mirror: REMOVE INNER REAR VIEW MIRROR ASSY (a) Pu ...

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Rear axle hub & bearing ASSY LH (4WD)
REPLACEMENT HINT: COMPONENTS: SEE PAGE 30-4 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. SEPARATE SPEED SENSOR REAR LH 3. REMOVE REAR AXLE SHAFT LH NUT (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the axle hub LH nut. SST 09930-00010 NOTICE: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise ...

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