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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Ignition system (2AZ-FE)

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Ignition / Ignition system (2AZ-FE)


On-vehicle inspection
NOTICE: In this section, the terms "cold" and "hot" refer to the temperature of the coils. "Cold"means approximately -10 C (14 F) to 50 C (122 F). "Hot" means approximately 50 C (122 F) to 100 C ...

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Speed sensor rear LH (4WD)
REPLACEMENT HINT: Use the same procedures for the RH side and LH side. The procedures listed below are for the LH side. 1. REMOVE DECK TRIM SIDE PANEL ASSY LH (SEE PAGE 76-21 ) 2. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 3. REMOVE SPEED SENSOR REAR LH (a) Disconnect the speed sensor connector. NOTICE: B ...

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