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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Horn button ASSY



On-vehicle inspection
CAUTION: Be sure to perform the initialization of the occupant classification ECU if any of the following conditions occur (see page 05-1207 ). If the initialization is not performed, the SRS may ...

HINT: Installation is in the reverse order of removal. 1. PRECAUTION (SEE PAGE 60-1 ) 2. DISCONNECT BATTERY NEGATIVE TERMINAL (SEE PAGE 60-1 ) 3. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL COVER LOWER NO.3 (a) Us ...

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Locking and unlocking the back door
Door lock switch   Entry function (vehicles with a smart key system)   Wireless remote control    Key Opening/closing the back door from inside the vehicle (vehicles with a power back door) Press and hold the switch to open or close the back door, when the b ...

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