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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Front seats

Adjustment procedure

Toyota Highlander. Manual seat

  1. Seat position adjustment lever
  2. Seatback angle adjustment lever
  3. Vertical height adjustment lever (drivers side only)

Toyota Highlander. Power seat

  1. Seat position adjustment switch
  2. seatback angle adjustment switch
  3. seat cushion (front) angle adjustment switch (drivers side only)
  4. vertical height adjustment switch (drivers side only)
  5. seat cushion length adjustment switch (if equipped, for drivers seat only)
  6. lumbar support adjustment switch (drivers side only)

When adjusting the seat position

  • take care when adjusting the seat position to ensure that other passengers are not injured by the moving seat.
  • Do not put your hands under the seat or near the moving parts to avoid injury.

    Fingers or hands may become jammed in the seat mechanism.

  • Make sure to leave enough space around the feet so they do not get stuck.

Seat adjustment

  • be careful that the seat does not hit passengers or luggage.
  • To reduce the risk of sliding under the lap belt during a collision, do not recline the seat more than necessary.

    If the seat is too reclined, the lap belt may slide past the hips and apply restraint forces directly to the abdomen, or your neck may contact the shoulder belt, increasing the risk of death or serious injury in the event of an accident.

    Adjustments should not be made while driving as the seat may unexpectedly move and cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

  • Manual seat only: after adjusting the seat, make sure that the seat is locked in position.
Adjusting the seats

Rear seats

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