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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual / Maintenance and care / Maintenance and care / Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior

Perform the following to protect the vehicle and maintain it in prime condition:

If water does not bead on a clean surface, apply wax when the vehicle body is cool.

Automatic car washes

High pressure car washes

When using a car wash (vehicles with a smart key system)

If the door handle becomes wet while the electronic key is within the effective range, the door may lock and unlock repeatedly. In that case, follow the following correction procedures to wash the vehicle:

Aluminum wheels


Do not scrub with abrasive cleaners.


When washing the vehicle

Do not apply water to the inside of the engine compartment. Doing so may cause the electrical components etc. To catch fire.

Precautions regarding the exhaust pipe

Exhaust gasses cause the exhaust pipe to become quite hot.

When washing the vehicle, be careful not to touch the pipe until it has cooled sufficiently, as touching a hot exhaust pipe can cause burns.

Precaution regarding the rear bumper with blind spot monitor (if equipped)

If the paint of the rear bumper is chipped or scratched, the system may malfunction.

If this occurs, consult your toyota dealer.



To prevent paint deterioration and corrosion on the body and components (aluminum wheels etc.)

  • Wash the vehicle immediately in the following cases:
  •  After driving near the sea coast
  •  After driving on salted roads
  •  If coal tar or tree sap is present on the paint surface
  •  If dead insects, insect droppings or bird droppings are present on the paint surface
  • After driving in an area contaminated with soot, oily smoke, mine dust, iron powder or chemical substances
  •  If the vehicle becomes heavily soiled with dust or mud
  •  If liquids such as benzene and gasoline are spilled on the paint surface
  • if the paint is chipped or scratched, have it repaired immediately.
  • To prevent the wheels from corroding, remove any dirt and store in a place with low humidity when storing the wheels.

Cleaning the exterior lights

  • Wash carefully. Do not use organic substances or scrub with a hard brush.

    This may damage the surfaces of the lights.

  • Do not apply wax to the surfaces of the lights.

    Wax may cause damage to the lenses.

Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting the vehicle interior
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