Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Cargo and luggage

Take notice of the following information about storage precautions, cargo capacity and load:

Starting off on a steep uphill
Make sure that the parking brake is set and shift the shift lever to d. Gently depress the accelerator pedal. Release the parking brake. When starting off on an uphill The hill-start assist ...

Capacity and distribution
Cargo capacity depends on the total weight of the occupants. (Cargo capacity) = (total load capacity) Ч (total weight of occupants) steps for determining correct load limit Ч Locate the statem ...

More about Toyota Highlander:

Rear suspension arm ASSY NO.2 LH (FF)
REPLACEMENT HINT: COMPONENTS: See page 27-2 . 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. REMOVE REAR SUSPENSION ARM ASSY NO.2 LH (a) Support the rear axle carrier with a jack. (b) Remove the bolt, and disconnect the rear suspension arm assy No.2 (inner side). (c) Remove the bolt, nut and the rear suspe ...

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