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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Brake system




HINT: Refer to the table below to help find the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the possible cause of problem. Check each part in order. If necessary, replace these parts.


Suspected Area

Low pedal or spongy pedal
  1. Fluid leaks in brake system
  2. Air in brake system
  3. Piston seals (Worn or damaged)
  4. Master cylinder (Faulty)
  5. Booster push rod (Out of adjustment
Brake drag
  1. Brake pedal free play (Minimal)
  2.  Parking brake pedal travel (Out of adjustment)
  3.  Parking brake wire (Sticking)
  4.  Parking brake shoe clearance (Out of adjustment)
  5.  Pad (Cracked or distorted)
  6.  Piston (Stuck)
  7.  Piston (Frozen)
  8.  Booster push rod (Out of adjustment)
  9.  Vacuum leaks in booster system
  10.  Master cylinder (Faulty)
Brake pull
  1. Piston (Stuck)
  2.  Pad (Oily)
  3.  Piston (Frozen)
  4.  Disc (Scored)
  5.  Pad (Cracked or distorted)
Hard pedal but brake inefficient
  1. Fluid leaks in brake system
  2.  Air in brake system
  3.  Pad (Worn)
  4.  Pad (Cracked or distorted)
  5.  Pad (Oily)
  6.  Pad (Glanzed)
  7.  Disc (Scored)
  8. Booster push rod (Out of adjustment)
  9. Vacuum leaks in booster system
Brake noise
  1. Pad (Cracked or distorted)
  2.  Installation bolt (Loose)
  3.  Disc (Scored)
  4.  Pad support plate (Loose)
  5.  Sliding pin (Worn)
  6.  Pad (Dirty)
  7.  Pad (Glanzed)
  8.  Anti-squeal shim (Damaged)

Brake fluid
BLEEDING HINT: If any work is performed on the brake system or if air in the brake lines is suspected, bleed the air out of the brake system. NOTICE: Wash brake fluid off immediately if it ad ...

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