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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Automatic door locking and unlocking systems

The following functions can be set or canceled: for instructions on customizing, refer to p. 662.



Speed linked door locking function All doors are automatically locked when vehicle speed is approximately 12 mph (20 km/h) or higher.
Shift position linked door locking function All doors are automatically locked when shifting the shift lever to a position other than p.
Shift position linked door unlocking function All doors are automatically unlocked when shifting the shift lever to p.
Driver's door linked door unlocking function All doors are automatically unlocked when the driver's door is opened.

Switching the door unlock function (vehicles with a smart key system)

It is possible to set which doors the entry function unlocks using the wireless remote control.

  1. Turn the engine switch off.
  2. When the indicator light on the key surface is not on, press and hold ,

for approximately 5 seconds while
pressing and holding .

The setting changes each time an operation is performed, as shown below.

(When changing the setting continuously, release the buttons, wait for at least 5 seconds, and repeat step 2.)

Multi-information display

Unlocking function


Monochrome display

Color display

Holding the driver’s door handle unlocks only the driver's door. Exterior: beeps 3 times

Interior: pings once

Holding a passenger’s door handle unlocks all the doors.
Holding a door handle unlocks all the doors. Exterior: beeps twice

Interior: pings once

For vehicles with an alarm: to prevent unintended triggering of the alarm, unlock the doors using the wireless remote control and open and close a door once after the settings have been changed. (If a door is not opened within 60 seconds after is pressed, the doors
will be locked again and the alarm will automatically be set.) In case that the alarm is triggered, immediately stop the alarm.

Impact detection door lock release system

In the event that the vehicle is subject to a strong impact, all the doors are unlocked. Depending on the force of the impact or the type of accident, however, the system may not operate.

Conditions affecting the operation of the smart key system or wireless remote control


Settings (e.G. Unlocking function using a key) can be changed.

(Customizable features: )


To prevent an accident

Observe the following precautions while driving the vehicle.

Failure to do so may result in a door opening and an occupant falling out of the vehicle, resulting in death or serious injury.

  • Ensure that all doors are properly closed and locked.
  • Do not pull the inside handle of the doors while driving.

    Be especially careful for the front doors, as the doors may be opened even if the inside lock buttons are in locked position.

  • Set the rear door child-protector locks when children are seated in the rear seats.
Rear door child-protector lock
The door cannot be opened from inside the vehicle when the lock is set. Unlock Lock These locks can be set to prevent children from opening the rear doors. Push down on each rear door sw ...

Back door
The back door can be locked/unlocked and opened/closed by the following procedures. ...

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