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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Air conditioning controls

Toyota Highlander. Front manual air conditioning system

Adjusting the temperature setting

To adjust the temperature setting, turn clockwise (warm) or
counterclockwise (cool).

If is not pressed, the system will
blow ambient temperature air or heated air.

For quick cooling, turn to the "max
a/c" position. The air conditioning will automatically turn on in recirculated air mode.

 Fan speed setting

To adjust the fan speed, turn
clockwise (increase) or counterclockwise (decrease).

Turning the dial to off turns off the fan.

Changing airflow modes

To change the airflow mode, press ,

Toyota Highlander. Changing airflow modes

  1. Air flows to the upper body.
  2. Air flows to the upper body and feet.
  3. Air flows to the feet.
  4. Air flows to the feet and the windshield defogger operates.
Front manual air conditioning system

Other functions
Switching between outside air and recirculated air mo Press . The mode switches between outside air mode (indicator off) and recirculated air mode (indicator on) each time is pressed.  D ...

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